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A Woman's Guide To Financial Security After Divorce: The Basics: Creating A Solid Foundation
Jeffrey A. Landers

Covers a wide range of today's most relevant topics, including: 

* The critical first steps you need to take post-divorce to establish long-term financial stability 
* How to turn your goals and vision into a sustainable spending plan that ensures your long-term financial security 
* The pros and cons of keeping your marital home and how to determine if selling makes better financial sense 
* What you need to know about reverse mortgages and why this unique tool might be a wise choice for you 
* Smart ways to use retirement and investment accounts and other sources of income to add to your cash-flow and extend your financial longevity 
* Which assets are most favorable and what strategies are best for managing (and ultimately paying off) liabilities 
* How to identify and protect your intellectual property, i.e., virtually any work or invention that is the result of your creativity 
* ...And much more! 

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